When the heat source is an infrared radiant ceiling panel the answer is: Healthy Living!

Reducing clutter, airing out rooms, and cleaning those hard to reach areas removes dust, dust collectors, and potential mold growth opportunities. Here’s how infrared radiant ceiling panels do the same thing:

  • warmNapSince they are on the ceiling, our panels are no more likely to collect dust then your ceiling generally does.
  • Their uni-body construction removes “nooks and crannies” that collect dust in hard-to-clean places.
  • Without any moving parts to blow air around, infrared radiant ceiling panels promote positive indoor air quality with dust-free, allergen-free, and bacteria-free heating.
  • The sun-like heat warms the surfaces of objects which then radiate heat back out and around – discouraging mold that thrives in cool, damp environments.

Now if only Spring Cleaning would come with a 20yr warranty like the infrared radiant ceiling panels – then we’d have something!

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