Tiny houses are a great way to live with a smaller carbon footprint. In Seattle, they have also become a practical response to our city’s housing crisis. The Low Income Housing Institute has constructed Tiny House Villages all over the city.

Our experience is that people looking to live in a small footprint are inherently also interested in low resource/energy consumption and high space efficiency.

Laura recently discussed “small footprint” heating at the Phinney Home Design & Remodel Fair and at an LIHI event. In comparison to other heat sources typically considered for small spaces (radiant floor, radiant/convection wall heat, ductless heat pumps), radiant ceiling panels were clearly the superior solution on several accounts, including:


  • no special materials or substrate required for installation
  • conserves prime wall space for other needs
  • heats more comfortably, faster
  • low amps needed (between 0.8 – 1.6 for 240v depending on size of unit)
  • no noise or moving parts to break
  • efficient and healthy from production through use
  • 20 year warranty
Read more about the benefits of Radiant Ceiling Panels. Laura is also happy to have further conversations about the pros and cons of infrared radiant heat compared to other heating options!