The biggest downside of the array of practical, energy efficient, American-made heating products we’ve been selling is that none of them have included cooling; however, that has just changed!

Mighty Energy is now proud to offer Gradient’s best in-class window heat pump system for moderate climate zones. These units are top quality and extremely quiet. Unlike all other single room/in-window units, Gradient’s window appliance uses heat pump technology rather than electrical resistance to produce its magic.

Controlled from anywhere via a mobile app, these in-window units work best for single rooms or small spaces. Consider:

1 or 2 bedrooms: A LOT of factors go into the cost-benefit conversation, however, if you need to cool one or two bedrooms, these are usually more affordable and flexible to use and can be part of a ‘mini-zone’ approach; independently covering the spaces in question.

1 or 2 office spaces or conference rooms: Maybe the space doesn’t have central a/c or it has been remodeled over time making the existing system inefficient. Increase morale, focus, and even productivity with a more comfortable space.

Vacation cabins: Do you really need to splurge for a full-blown system for the few times the space is used throughout the year or is making one or two rooms less hot and easier to sleep in enough?

1-2 room ADU/DADUs: it is required to have a heat pump in most jurisdictions, although sometimes a standard ductless mini-split system is overkill for the tiny space.

Rentals: They are appliances and not a permanent fixtures! If provided by the property owner, this can mean offering a comfort amenity for occupied spaces or as an upgrade. If the occupant owns the unit, they can take it with them when they leave. 

Garages/Studios/Outbuildings: Often these spaces are fairly barebones and installing a complicated heating/cooling system is overkill, especially for the short periods of use and need.

Gradient’s window system is often the perfect solution in these scenarios. And, with the option to design a fully modular, hybrid system in combination with our efficient, infrared radiant products, any number of typically complex challenges can be easily solved, providing comfort, control, and energy efficiency where you need it, when you need it.

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