The Department of Energy and National Association of Home Builders first published this case study in 1994 detailing the energy savings in using EnerJoy Radiant Ceiling Panels (RCPs). While forced air heating systems have improved since then, RCPs are still at the top of the market in energy savings. The study provides insight to the science behind RCPs and how they can have a substantial impact on both energy and thermal comfort performance.

The report found a 33% savings in energy consumption and an estimated 52% savings compared to electric baseboard heating systems. Not only are RCPs more efficient but they were also the preferred heating method by study participants. “The energy savings demonstrated in this study indicate that fast-acting radiant systems such as the ENERJOY system have a role to play in increasing the energy efficiency of U.S. housing.”

To learn more about EnerJoy RCPs, view the case study.