MES and COVID-19 Production Updates

In response to the ongoing pandemic, Governor Jay Inslee has extended the Washington State “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order through end of May. You can get the details [here]. Because heat is an essential part of an occupied space, our manufacturers’ factories have remained up and running, albeit with lean staffing. However, because installers were, until recently, prohibited from doing anything but emergency work, getting your heaters installed has either been a waiting game or a DIY project.
Since the products are made-to-order, it can take up to two weeks to have your order shipped and there may be a spike in orders as the COVID-19 situation abates. This may increase turnaround times for a little while. If you are set on getting infrared heating into your home this year, or to finish an ongoing project, you may find it useful to get the process started now. Modeling for your spaces can be fine-tuned for the way you will use each room, your preferences, and what works within your budget. We are always happy to assist you with this process before you order or just tell us what you need – we guarantee to always be the lowest price for these same products.
If you have questions about infrared heat or a project you are pricing out, please call Geo at 610.585.8851 or email: