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Heat, art, mirrors, and towel warmer – all-in-one

Wall-mounted infrared panels that meet our strict criteria have been hard to find – until now.

Mighty Energy Solutions offers products that are energy-efficient, practical, and American-made – including the components that go into making them. Infrared radiant heat from well-made systems is an energy-efficient choice. However, mounting a panel on the wall raises three main challenges: the radiance can easily be blocked by objects in front of them, the easy access to the hot panel (though they don’t get hot enough to burn anyone or anything quickly) presents a potential safety issue, and the panel can be subject to damage from activity in the room. 

However, these glass pan

els from Heat Storm solve all three challenges with one simple idea – making them decorative so that they present as art (including an option for custom images,) or, even more functionally, as mirrors. Because art and mirrors on our walls are generally treated with more care and kept clear of anything blocking our view of them, they are far less likely to be touched, damaged, occluded by objects in the room.

And they are made in Chicago –  so the embodied carbon and vulnerability to supply-chain disruption are minimized.

Bathroom Mirror w/ towel warmer

Whether you want heat in the bathroom that doubles as a mirror with an option to add up to three towel warming racks, a  decorative art print over your couch, or a portrait of a loved one on the wall, these heaters are for you.

And, as always, we are here to help you choose the appropriate size and power of heater for your space along with any other questions or any other assistance you may need to choose the best solution for you.

Download the design brochure [ here ] Call (206) 880-1558 or email to find out more.‬

Heater Styles and Prices (MSRP)

Choose your heater style – print or mirror. And, if you’re looking at a fog-free mirror for your bathroom, consider adding one or two towel racks so it will double as towel warmer.

  • Simple to mount on a wall-frame
  • Add a full-color print
  • Ask about using a custom print
  • Or choose the mirror option – great for bathrooms
  • Add towel racks to the bathroom mirror as towel warmers
  • Runs on ordinary, 120 volt circuits
  • Offers a built-in smart/wifi control option

Pricing (MSRP)

Model Volts Watts Amps Towel Warmer Dimensions
Discreet 120 500 4.2 1-4 bars 16’’ x 48’’ $449
Classic 120 750 6.2 1-4 bars 24’’ x 48’’ $549
Svelte 120 750 6.2 1-6 bars 16’’ x 72’’ $699
Monolith 120 1100 9.2 1-6 bars 24’’ x 72’ $949
Wifi Enabled + $50
16″ Towel Rack 16″ wide $31.99/ea
24″ Towel Rack 24″ wide $39.99/ea


*Prices effective 1/10/22 subject to change without notice|
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