Gradient: Window Heat Pump

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Gradient: Window Heat Pump

Things just got cooler – if you have single or double hung windows, consider year-round comfort with this amazing solution.

Gradient In-window Heat PumpWe are proud to offer the nation’s original saddlebag , portable heat pump available for moderate climate zones. These top-quality, energy efficient units are American-made and can be controlled from anywhere via Gradient’s mobile app.

Ductless mini-split heat pumps (DMHPs) are great but not always suitable for every situation. For smaller homes, ADU/DADUs, vacation cottages, outbuildings such as workshops, or any room or suite that isn’t covered by your current system or is too small for a full heat pump installation, the Gradient Window Heat Pump is an easy-to-install, readily available, affordable, and super efficient solution — especially for those with single- or double-hung (sash style) windows. Don’t have a sash style window? It still may be more cost effective to swap out your window than install a traditional DMHP system.

Gradient’s sleek and unobtrusive aesthetic and design leave your window unobstructed and completely functional in every way. These competitively priced, elegant plug-in units operate within the range of typical residential background noise, even at their highest setting, and are even quieter indoors. They can also be a great complement as part of a larger, hybrid solution incorporating our wonderful infrared radiant heating products.

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DIY or Hire the Install – It’s Your Choice!

Two non-professional people can install a in-window heat pump unit in fifteen minutes, saving you thousands in installation costs.
They run off a standard 120-volt outlet,* eliminating the need to increase power, or fish wires through walls.

* The use of Gradient’s Window Heat Pump with a standard 120V outlet assumes the outlet being used does not share the circuit with other high wattage electrical appliances such as hair dryers, and kettles/coffee makers.


Features & Specs

  • Compatible with single- and double-hung (sash style) windows only
  • Requires a minimum 24″ wide sill space, and a minimum of 24″ from interior floor and exterior ground/obstruction to the top of the unit
  • Needs access to 120-volt outlet separate from other high wattage electrical appliance circuits
  • App controlled / scheduling
  • Designed for moderate climates**
  • 1-year limited parts warranty

** Contact us to find out if your climate zone qualifies

Dimensions: Indoor Unit = 24″ H x 24″ W x 8″ D, Outdoor Unit = 24″ H x 24″ W x 15″ D
Weight: Indoor Unit = 50 lbs, Outdoor Unit = 90 lbs
Power: Heating = Capacity Range of 3000 – 8000 BTU/hr, Cooling = Rated Capacity of 8600 BTU/hr
Noise: Hi/Med/Low = 58/54/48 dB

$2,499 (plus sales tax and shipping)

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Price effective 6/20/24 subject to change without notice

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