Infrared Radiant Wall Heaters

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An airy alternative

When ceilings are super low or inaccessible or there’s a desire for air movement in the room, Infrared Wall Heaters by BioSmart Solutions are a fantastic alternative. They also serve as an efficient and simple replacement for cadet heaters by fitting into the same space on a wall. A tiny, super quiet fan inside each unit helps provide convection to disburse the heat.

BioSmart Infrared Radiant Wall Heating are low cost and highly efficient. With a forced air system, much of the hot air is lost in ducts or through doors, windows and the ceiling. As the heat from a forced air system rises it leaves floors cold producing an uneven heating environment. Infrared radiant heat uses less energy because it heats you directly, allowing you to maintain your comfort at a lower air temperature. Combined with the fast pace in which it warms up a room, radiant heat can help lower your utility bill and save you money for years to come!

Benefits of Far-Infrared

With infrared heat, you receive all the benefits of natural sunlight without the dangerous UV radiation and eliminate the feeling of dry and irritating hot air. The far infrared waves produced in the BioSmart® Infrared Wall Heaters move quickly on the water molecules in the air and warm your home evenly from floor to ceiling. The far infrared wavelength also heats the objects in the room, which in turn radiate the heat back into your home—keeping your spaces warmer longer!

  • Designed for standard 2”x4” wall

  • Brackets included for new or retrofit installation
  • Flexible mounting – must be 12” above the floor and 12” below the ceiling
  • Paintable shell
  • No ductwork needed!
  • Download full installation instructions
  • Available in 500, 1000, or 1200 watts
  • Air purification module available on 1000watt and 1200watt units
  • 120 or 230 volt models. NOTE: Does not plug-in to 120-volt outlet
  • Extremely quiet – fans emit 18-28 dB
  • 35% more absorbable heat per kilowatt then conventional heat products
  • Built in system diagnostics and DIY servicing
  • 5-year warranty, 25-year life expectancy
  • Produced locally in Washington State
Sizing Tips
  • Typical northwest homes need 5-6 watts per square foot
  • Especially cold climates or homes with poor insulation may require 7-8 watts per square foot
  • 1000 watt unit is the most popular and versatile
  • 500 watt unit is applicable for small bathrooms or as a supplement to fix cold spots

BioSmart Infrared Wall Heater Pricing

Model # Watts Volts Amps Weight (lbs.) Noise Level MSRP
BIO-1000F 1000 120 9 19 18db $439
BIO-1000F 1000 230 4.5 19 18db $439
BIO-1000FA 1000 120 9 19 18db $459
BIO-1000FA 1000 230 4.5 19 18db $459

*FA units include UV & TiO2 Air Purifier

*Contact us to find out about our Contractor and Bulk discounts!

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