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Beautiful Simplicity

Our infrared radiant heaters blend seamlessly into any space and stay out of sight, out of mind. All our products are either paintable or available in multiple colors. By positioning them on the ceiling or high on the wall, radiant heaters virtually disappear and stay completely out of the way of furniture placement.

Design Flexibility

Our products eliminate the need for furnaces and ducting. They are installed room by room, making them perfect as a supplement or extension of an existing heat system. This same flexibility allows your clients to have precise control over which rooms are being heated when – saving them money in the long run.

Comfortable clients are happier clients

Radiant heat warms people and objects in a room directly, meaning your clients will feel warmer faster and stay comfortable longer. Our heaters provide a clean, comfortable healthy heat without odors, flames, or forced air dust, mites, bacteria, pollutants, or allergens, giving relief to allergy and asthma sufferers. 

We like the feel of the heat the panels provide and how quickly they warm up a room. People are amazed or doubtful when I explain how the “heating system” works or what the source of our heat is.”

-Tom B

Sizing & Placement

For greatest effectiveness, install RCPs in the middle of the room or directly above cold spots you are trying to eliminate. Example home configuration below:

Trades Discount Program

Making a purchase for your client? Let us know your business name and you’ll receive at least 10% off retail pricing on your order!

Send your clients to our showroom

Mighty Energy hosts regularly scheduled open houses and at our showroom in West Seattle. We are also happy to set up showing appointments. These are a fantastic opportunity for you or your clients to come and experience the comfort of radiant heat in action and see an installed system.  Contact us to set a time!

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