You may want to rethink replacing your old electric cadet-type wall heater or baseboard heater (right) with an infrared radiant ceiling panel (above) a radiant cove heaters or an infrared radiant wall heater. Infrared Radiant Heaters are vastly superior to baseboard or wall heaters by providing safety, comfort, efficiency, and maximizing usable floor space.

    Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panels are a relatively new and innovative home heating solutions that delivers sun-like heating warmth. They are both reasonably inexpensive and remarkably efficient, and vastly outperform older technology baseboard and wall heaters. Infrared Wall Heaters by BioSmart Solutions are also fantastic alternatives to serve as an efficient and simple replacement for cadet heaters by fitting into the exact same space on a wall. Infrared Radiant Comfort Cove Heaters emit radiant energy that warms people and objects in a room directly, much like the sun does. They eliminate the need for ducting entirely by radiating downwards and quickly warming everything in their path. 

    The following are factors that make radiant ceiling panels a better choice than both wall and baseboard heaters for your next replacement project:


    The National Fire Prevention Administration (NFPE) 2016 Report on Home Fires Involving Heating Equipment found that in 2009-2013 there were 6,500 home fires caused by fixed wall and baseboard heaters that were responsible for 430 injuries, 50 deaths and $155,000,000.00 in damages. The heaters are also safety hazards for young children and pets that are in close contact with the hot grills near the floor. Infrared Ceiling Panels, have virtually zero risk of fire, since they are installed on the ceiling out of the way and don’t reach surface temperatures above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s also zero risk of children or pets playing with them!



    Infrared radiant heaters generate a comfortable, sun-like heating, without blasting or blowing hot air. This heat generation occurs instantly, while the blowing of hot air by convection that wall and baseboard heaters rely on take almost 60 minutes for a room to feel comfortable. There are no noisy fans involved and the feeling of dry hot air being blown around a space is completely eliminated. 


    Based on recent findings, radiant ceiling heaters, wall heaters and cove heaters are 35% more efficient than wall heaters and 50% more efficient than baseboards. By eliminating the need to heat through convection, the infrared radiant panels transfer heat directly to you, the furniture, walls, floors, and other objects in the room, which in turn re-radiate the heat back to you. While the cost of purchasing a ceiling panel is slightly more expensive, the increased efficiency will recoup the cost of the radiant heater in just a few years.

    Maximizing Living Space 

    Wall heaters and baseboards, being placed on the floor, eliminate precious usable space where you can place furniture and create fire hazards. Infrared radiant heat in the form of ceiling panels and cove heaters takes up no wall space and are safely out of the way of furniture and drapery.


    Wall and baseboard heater manufacturers recommend that they are cleaned every 6 months to remove materials that often cause fires. If these heaters are not cleaned they pose risks of fire hazards and impair their efficiency. Alternatively, passive infrared radiant heaters are completely maintenance-free for life.

    Expected Life

    According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), a cadet-type wall heater or baseboard heater has a 10-15 year life expectancy. The NAHB rates radiant ceiling panels and cove heaters with a 40 year life expectancy. In addition, most wall or baseboard heaters only have a 2 or 3 year warranty. One of the leading manufacturers of our radiant heaters, Ducoterra, gives a 20 year warranty on their panels, the longest warranty in the industry.


    Have more questions about replacing your cadet or baseboard heaters with infrared? Contact us today!