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Infrared Radiant Heat for home is a tried and true technology that heats with invisible, far-infrared light. People, pets, furniture, and the surfaces it shines on are warmed up directly – the same way that sunshine warms what it shines on. Infrared panels make you feel comfortable faster, without wasting energy to heat the air in a room itself. As the surfaces – walls and floors especially – shed this heat, the ambient air temperature comes up. So, infrared heat works in three ways: it heats you directly, it warms the surfaces and takes the cold edge off of floors, and it also raises the air temperature. This also allows for specific control over the comfort level in every room. If you are a little chilly in the family room, you don’t have to turn up the temperature in the whole house to raise the comfort level in that room. And there’s no need to heat an empty guest room.

Ducoterra Solaray II Infrared Radiant Ceiling PanelsCeiling Heating Panels Bedroom

These ultra-slim Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panels are exclusively manufactured in Bellingham, Washington using a high-tech aerogel insulation inside the panel between the element and the ceiling side of the panel. Ducoterra heating panels are completely silent, do not stir up the air, and do not interact with the outside air at all. They are super-efficient, paintable, and have a lifetime warranty.
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Radiant Systems’ Comfort Cove Infrared Radiant Heaters

Comfort cove in a garage, off whiteComfort Cove Heaters fit snuggly high on the wall in the “cove” of the ceiling, making them a great option when there just isn’t a good place on the ceiling. They are our best value, and, since they do get too hot to paint, are available in multiple color finishes*, cove heaters stay largely out of sight, out of mind and won’t get in the way of furniture placement or cause a fire hazard.
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BioSmart In-Wall Infrared Radiant Heaters

Biosmart Radiant heatersLow ceilings, stairwells, and a number of other circumstances may mean that an in-wall heater is the appropriate solution. Or, perhaps, you want to replace inefficient, noisy cadet heaters with something that can fit right in to the existing wall cavity and use the existing circuit. In these cases, BioSmart Solutions’ heaters are a great choice.  Beyond it’s effective infrared radiant heat, these units also havee a tiny, super-quiet fan inside each unit helps provide convection to disburse the heat.
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Heat Storm Glass Wall-Panel Radiant Heaters w/ Optional Towel Rack

Bathroom Mirror w/ towel warmerMighty Energy is pleased to have found a wall panel heater that solves the biggest problems with other such appliances. An infrared heating panel mounted to a wall can be subject to a greater chance of damage, or something or someone leaning up against it. And, beyond that, if anything is in front of the panel, it will block its radiance and can drastically reduce its effectiveness. Heat Storm glass wall-panel heaters solve this in a clever way. They are made as high quality mirrors and can even have large images in them instead. Because of this added aspect, they are far less likely to get bumped into, leaned on, or blocked. And the mirrored version, which is a great choice for a bathroom, can have towel racks added. Imagine a fog-free mirror that heats your bathroom and warms your towels.
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Infratech Infrared Radiant Patio Heaters

Over fifty years in business, Infratech has become the leading brand in durable, attractive, and efficient infrared radiant patio heaters where heating the air is not an effective option. You likely have seen this kind of heater used in exterior seating areas of restaurants and hotels, etc. or even the occasional public transit waiting area. You can add as much as a hundred extra days of use of your outdoor deck and patio spaces with these top quality stainless steel, quartz element heaters. Especially with the new interest in safer outdoor gatherings brought on by the pandemic, these heaters are becoming more and more popular.

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MYSA Thermostats

Mighty Energy offers simple, seven-day programmable Honeywell thermostats as a convenience for our customers. There are many brands and models of thermostats that will work with the products we sell, and while you are certainly welcome to use any thermostat with the proper specs, we don’t have a thermostat ‘store’ per se. However, when we discovered the MYSA smart thermostat, we had to offer it. The MYSA thermostat can be controlled with any smartphone or smart speaker, but are just as simple to install as as a straightforward, line-volt thermostat. There are no transformers or relays to add to the circuit – just a few wires and you’re done.
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