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World'sThinnest PanelLow-cost, high-comfort

Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panels are a low-cost, high-comfort, energy efficient heating system for your home. This simple proven technology directly heats people and objects in a room, just like sunshine. Infrared panels make you feel comfortable faster, without wasting energy to heat the air in a room itself. Just like a ceiling mounted light fixture lights a larger area of a room than a wall sconce would, infrared radiant heat is most effective from the ceiling. At just ½ inch thick, Ducoterra’s radiant ceiling panels are the slimmest on the market providing you with a barely noticeable, and powerfully efficient heat source. They warm you quickly, with zero noise, air movement, or maintenance.

With Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panels you can eliminate airborne allergens and carbon combustion in your home heating system. Independently tested as free from Electromagnetic fields (EMFs), these radiant panels are perfect as a whole home, supplemental solution with a Ductless Heat Pump or as a replacement for cadet and baseboard heaters. With an expected 40-year life, radiant ceiling panels are also one of the most cost effective heating systems over the lifetime of the product.

Measuring tape on rcpHow does it work?

The heating panels contain an electrical resistance wire that warms as current is passed through it. SolaRay panels are warm, but not so hot to the touch when in operation to hurt you like other styles of radiant heaters. They are backed with reflective material and high-performance insulation to direct the heat downward into the living space. Ducoterra’s SolaRay panels utilize state of the art engineering and materials to provide the maximum output for your dollar. They are a perfect partner in creating clean and healthy indoor air quality!


back of 2x4 panel

Thin size of panel

  • 1/2″ thin-lowest profile in the industry!
  • Sizes from 2′ x 2′ up to 2′x 6′
    high-performance Aerogel insulation, originally developed by NASA, is built-in to improve efficiency and aesthetics
  • Now 50% – 60% lighter than the previous-generation panel
  • Mounts flat against or flush to ceiling and can also be suspended
  • Pays for itself in energy savings and requires no maintenance
  • Hard wired 120 or 240 volts. NOTE:  Does not plug into a 120 volt electrical outlet.
  • Controlled with hard-wired, wall-mounted line voltage thermostat
  • Available in powder coated white and can be painted with water-based, latex interior paint
  • Designed and manufactured in Washington state, with all USA made parts 20 year warranty, the longest in the industry

Panel Schematic

Sizing Tips
  • Typical Northwest homes (to code) require approximately 6 watts per square foot
  • Older homes with poor insulation may require 7+ watts per square foot
  • Panels being used for supplemental heat require fewer watts per square foot
  • Vaulted ceilings or rooms with significant glass require 7-10 watts per square foot depending on height
  • Ceilings below 8′ in height should be fitted with low-watt density panels

Panel construction diagram

Digital Programmable Thermostats

  • Honeywell digital programmable thermostats available from Mighty Energy
  • 120 volt or 240 volt models available
  • Model #TL8230A1003
  • Download the Honeywell Owner’s Guide
  • Or hardwire your heater to any line-voltage heat thermostat

Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panel Pricing

Size Watts Amps (240v) Amps (120v) BTU’s Weight (lbs.) Mounting Holes MSRP
2’x2′ 200 0.8 1.6 682 8.5 4 $369
2’x2′ 250 1.0 2.0 853 8.5 4 $409
2’x3′ 300 1.2 2.5 1023 12.5 6 $449
2’x3′ 375 1.5 3.1 1279 12.5 6 $529
2’x4′ 400 1.6 3.3 1365 16 6 $559
2’x4′ 500 2.0 4.1 1706 16 6 $629
2’x4′ 750 3.1 6.2 2559 16 6 $749
2’x6′ 600 2.5 5.0 2047 24 8 $759
2’x6′ 750 3.1 6.2 2559 24 8 $799
2’x6′ 1000 4.2 8.3 3413 24 8 $919

Prices Effective as of April 1, 2024 – all prices subject to change.
*Contact us to find out about our Contractor and Bulk discounts!
*We will PRICE MATCH any publicly advertised price on all SolaRay II panels by Ducoterra!


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