Looking Towards an Oil-Free Future

Looking Towards an Oil-Free Future

In Washington State, approximately 66,000 homes are still heated with oil. Not only is it the most expensive heat source, but oil heat also contributes significantly to air pollution and carbon emissions. In fact, to offset heating one home with oil you would have to operate 40 wind turbines for an entire year. Dang! 
Thinking outside the box with hybrid heat solutions including heat pumps and infrared heat and stepping away from traditional forced air heat solutions is THE WAY to a better, more efficient, and more comfortable future. The Oil Free Washington Coalition was formed to create a roadmap for our state to transition to lower cost, lower carbon heat sources. Read more about their findings (in general or specifically in your community) here.
Spring Radiant Heat Open Houses

Spring Radiant Heat Open Houses

Mighty Energy Solutions will be opening our home showroom to building professionals and homeowners on three Wednesdays this spring: March 22, April 19, and May 17.

Attending an open house is an opportunity to see our Ducoterra SolaRay Radiant Ceiling Panels in action. Even spring in the Pacific Northwest can be tough, but not with Infrared Radiant Heat Panels! These panels provide cozy, healthy, and efficient heat all year long. You’ve got to see it to believe it! Come experience this comforting heat yourself at our open house.

March 22 | April 19 | May 17

3108 SW Webster St, Seattle, WA 98126

Morning Session 7:30-10:30 AM
Afternoon Session 3:00-6:00PM
[or mid day by appointment]

RSVP‘s appreciated, but not required.

Radiant Ceiling Panels in Built Green Backyard Cottage

photo: Cindy Apple Photography

This Backyard Cottage in Columbia City was designed by Sheri Newbold of Live-Work-Play Architecture and to maximize low-cost, efficient solutions. Built by Model Remodel, the project consists of a studio apartment with a deck situated above a new garage. The structure achieved a Built Green 4-Star rating and exceeds the required 20% energy savings compared to 2012 Washington State Energy Code.

Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panels were installed to provide efficient, cozy heat throughout the space from an aesthetically pleasing source. The panels warm people and objects in the rooms quickly, while also providing effective zone control.

This project also took advantage of rainwater catchment, moisture protection, and recycled materials! You can read the full case study from Built Green here and check out more photos from Model Remodel here.

Four Days of Renewable Energy in Portugal

Four Days of Renewable Energy in Portugal

Large array of solar panels with a hilll behind it

Earlier this year Portugal reached a major energy efficiency milestone. As reported on by The Gaurdian, the country was entirely powered by renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro power for four days in a row or about 107 hours. And in 2015, 48% of Portugal’s energy came from renewable sources.

Looks like we’ve got some efficiency strides to make if we want to keep up with the Iberian Peninsula!


Investing in Alternative Energy

Investing in Alternative Energy

Renewable energy investments directly benefit you and all of us! Check out these opportunities to start making a change:

Seattle City Light Logo
Join City Light’s Green Up! Program
City Light customers can support renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest from geothermal, dairy biogas and wind by adding $3, $6, or $12 to their bill each month. Call (206) 684-3800 or visit seattle.gov/greenup

Northwest eco building guild logoEducation Session: Solar Energy for Those without Solar Access Join the NW EcoBuilding Guild at the Phinney Neighborhood Center on Wednesday May 25 from 7-9pm for a discussion of solar energy and how we can make it accessible for renters. More info.


Tiny House Heating Solutions

Tiny House Heating Solutions

Tiny houses are a great way to live with a smaller carbon footprint. In Seattle, they have also become a practical response to our city’s housing crisis. The Low Income Housing Institute has constructed Tiny House Villages all over the city.

Our experience is that people looking to live in a small footprint are inherently also interested in low resource/energy consumption and high space efficiency.

Laura recently discussed “small footprint” heating at the Phinney Home Design & Remodel Fair and at an LIHI event. In comparison to other heat sources typically considered for small spaces (radiant floor, radiant/convection wall heat, ductless heat pumps), radiant ceiling panels were clearly the superior solution on several accounts, including:


  • no special materials or substrate required for installation
  • conserves prime wall space for other needs
  • heats more comfortably, faster
  • low amps needed (between 0.8 – 1.6 for 240v depending on size of unit)
  • no noise or moving parts to break
  • efficient and healthy from production through use
  • 20 year warranty
Read more about the benefits of Radiant Ceiling Panels. Laura is also happy to have further conversations about the pros and cons of infrared radiant heat compared to other heating options!