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“We love the quality of the heat. So warm without feeling like you’re breathing in hot air. I can’t wait to work in the office under one of the panels.” – Katherine B.

“I have been very impressed with the quality of the heat. I have lived with baseboard prior and had homes with forced air. The difference is dramatic in that there are no cold areas or air being blown on you. These panels heat objects not the air and heated air-cools rapidly with too hot spots and cold spots while the radiant heat heats objects that continue to give even heat. It is like the sun, very comfortable and you do not notice that they are there.” – Ed J.

“My company, Model Remodel, worked with Mighty Energy to install ceiling panels in one of our Built Green projects: a detached backyard cottage. The panels were painted to blend with the ceiling so you can hardly tell they are there. Plus, they add to the efficiency of the tiny home and make it more comfortable without blowing air around. Less noise, less allergens, great product! The clients are very happy with them.” – Emma Z.

“We are loving the heaters!  I am constantly showing them off to people and explaining why they should think about getting them for their house.”   – Derek R.

We like the feel of the heat the panels provide and how quickly they warm up a room. People are amazed when I explain how the “heating system” works or what the source our heat is.” – Tom B.

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