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1000 Watt BioSmart Specifications pdf
1000 Watt BioSmart Owner’s Manual pdf

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How does the BioSmart  Infrared Heater work?

heat-loss-thru-air-duct_0Copper Heat Chamber

As the infrared waves pass over the copper plates in the air flow chamber of the heater, they are modulated into the optimum far-infrared range. This is the ideal wave length range for infrared heat that provides optimum penetration and absorption and also produces the most therapeutic effects.


ceramic-infrared-emitters_0Ceramic Infrared Emitters

Ceramic infrared emitters have been proven and used in industrial applications to be the most efficient source of heat production for manufacturing processes. Because the heat is generated directly at the source where it is required, there is no heat loss through a series of ducts or through a heat exchanger as there is when using other types of heating systems.