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What are the benefits of Infrared Heat?

  • Directly heats items in a room, which heats surrounding air to create a comfortable living temperature
  • Improves indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust, germs, and pollen
  • Eliminates noisy air ducts and uneven heat distribution, plus no loss of heat due to ducts
  • Fast acting system allows you to turn off system when vacant
  • Saves you money by lowering operating costs
  • Zero maintenance!

What type of energy do Radiant Wall Heaters use?

Radiant wall heaters use electricity which is then converted into infrared radiant heat.

How are Radiant Wall Heaters controlled?

Radiant wall heaters are controlled using a programmable thermostat much like other heating systems, but offer a higher level of control as each zone has its own thermostat

How are Radiant Wall Heaters installed?

Wall heaters are installed like any other electrical work— if a wire can be run up to the panel in the wall, then installation is viable.

How can Radiant Wall Heaters help lower your energy bill?

Radiant wall heaters can help lower your energy bill in many ways. First, occupants will be more comfortable at a lower air temperature, saving energy overall. Second, they take very little time to heat a room (under 10 minutes) so programming your thermostat to turn off the heating system when vacant can save you money without sacrificing comfort. Also, once installed there is very little to no maintenance needed to run.

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