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Product Benefits


Health Benefits

Without ductwork from a forced air furnace (HVAC) system, you also eliminate mold or bacterial and viral contamination from entering your home thereby decreasing environmental allergens. Infrared heat also does not dry out the air like conventional heating systems, making it much healthier for your skin and respiratory passages.

BioSmart Infrared Heating Systems produce negative ions that are circulated through the copper ion heat exchanger. Negative ionization is the mood-lifting sensation you feel in certain environments such as standing on a mountain, beach or next to a waterfall. They are invisible molecules that are thought to produce biochemical reactions that increase serotonin levels in humans and animals and are attributed to healthy improvements in mood and physical health.

Conventional electrical heaters have the opposite effect and generate positive ions, which can increase tension and irritability. BioSmart Infrared heaters are the smart solution for your health needs and a much healthier alternative to traditional heating systems.

Far infrared waves target water molecules so the heat transfers evenly and quickly through the relative humidity in the air. The heat also penetrates the water molecules in the body, heating you faster, safer and more comfortably than conventional heaters.