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Product Benefits


Increased Comfort

By warming objects and people in a room directly,  Comfort Cove Radiant Heat provides a more consistent and efficient heat. This heating system provides more evenly heated spaces and offers you a more comfortable experience by eliminating wasteful hot and cold swings. Our heaters create a Thermal Mass (or heat bank) much like in-floor heat, except cove heaters warm everything in its path, not just the floor. Many users report guests expressing how comfortable the house is yet they can’t describe where the heat is coming from!


Energy Efficient + Cost Effective

Comfort Cove Radiant Heaters involve zero maintenance costs and come with a a 10 year manufacturer warranty. The heaters have no motors, belts, blowers, circuit boards, or filters to change – Comfort Cove heating units are maintenance free! Cove heaters also allow for complete Zone Control. This can save you money on home heating because it allows the temperature in every room of a home to be individually controlled, which is much more energy-efficient that standard heating systems. Set lower temperatures in rooms used less often, and save money on your electricity bill!


Space Saving + Attractive 

Slim, and available in multiple color finishes,  Comfort Cove heaters are mounted high on the wall near the ceiling, free up your floor space and staying out of reach. No need to worry about furniture placement or fire hazards and this system eliminates the need for ducting completely.