Infrared Radiant Cove Heaters

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Stop blowing hot air around

Infrared Radiant Comfort Cove Heaters emit radiant energy that warms people and objects in a room directly, much like the sun does. By heating your spaces with radiant energy, you’ll feel warmer at a lower temperature because energy is not being wasted on heating the air around you.

Cove Heaters fit snuggly high on the wall in the “cove” of the ceiling, making them a great option when there just isn’t a good place on a wall or ceiling, or when a room has very high ceilings. Slim, and available in multiple color finishes, Cove Heaters stay largely out of sight, out of mind and won’t get in the way of furniture placement or cause a fire hazard. They eliminate the need for ducting entirely by radiating downwards and quickly warming everything in their path.

Comfort Cove Radiant Heaters come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and with no motors, belts, blowers, circuit boards, or filters to change they are entirely maintenance free! Cove heaters also allow for complete Zone Control—you will no longer waste money and energy heating the spaces in your home that you’re not using!

Benefits of Cove Heaters

By warming objects and people in a room directly, Comfort Cove Radiant Heat provides a more consistent and efficient heat than forced air systems. These heaters create evenly heated spaces and offer you a more comfortable experience by eliminating wasteful hot and cold swings. Radiant heat creates a thermalmass much like in-floor heat, except cove heaters warm everything in their path, not just the floor. Many users report guests expressing how comfortable the house is yet they can’t describe where the heat is coming from!


  • Simple installation – as easy as installing a wall sconce
  • All units are surface mounted using Tilt-N-Lock brackets
  • Units must be positioned at least 6’ off the floor, 1” above any fabric, and 2 ½” below the ceiling
  • Available as a 240, 208 or 120 volt model
  • Download full installation instructions
  • Available in five colors: off white, pure white, almond, walnut, sandalwood [color chart]
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Controlled with any hard-wired, wall-mounted line voltage thermostat
  • Hard wired 120, 208 or 240 volts. NOTE:  Does not plug into a 120-volt electrical outlet
  • Sizes start at 34 inches long and extend to up to 132 inches
  • Weight range from 6 lbs to 22 lbs.
  • Each unit contains two built-in junction boxes
  • All USA made parts
Sizing Tips
  • Typical northwest homes with standard insulation require about 6 watts per square foot
  • Homes with poorer insulation require 8+ watts per square foot
  • Climates with more extreme cold temperatures require 10+ watts per square foot
  • Heaters being used for supplemental heat require fewer watts
Digital Programmable Thermostats
  • Honeywell digital programmable thermostats available from Mighty Energy
  • 120 volt or 240 volt models available
  • Model #TL8230A1003
  • Download the Honeywell Owner’s Guide
  • Or hardwire your heater to any line-voltage heat thermostat

Radiant Comfort Cove Heater Pricing

Model #WattsAmpsWeight (lbs.)Length (inches)MSRP
C-1502415006.218106 1/4″$221
C-1802418007.520118 1/4″$257

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