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Product Description

Infrared radiant ceiling panels are simple, lightweight half-inch thin panels that range in size from 2′ x 2′ up to 2′x 6′. Ducoterra products use a high-performance Aerogel insulation, originally developed by NASA, that improves both efficiency and aesthetics of the product and have engineered the heating element to take maximum advantage of material performance characteristics.

The heating panels contain an electrical resistance wire that warms as current is passed through it. SolaRay panels are warm, but not hot, to the touch when in operation. They are backed with reflective material and our high-performance insulation to direct the heat into the living space. Ducoterra’s SolaRay panels utilize state of the art engineering and materials to provide the maximum output for your dollar.

Features & Benefits: 

  • 1/2″ thin, lowest profile in the industry
  • Now 50% – 60% lighter than the previous-generation panel
  • Mounts flat against ceiling or can be suspended
  • Pays for itself in energy savings and requires no maintenance
  • Hard wired 120 or 240 volts. NOTE:  Does not plug into a 120 volt electrical outlet.
  • Controlled with hard-wired, wall-mounted line voltage thermostat
  • Available in powder coated white and can be painted with water-based, latex interior paint
  • Designed and manufactured in Washington state
  • 20 year warranty, the longest in the industry


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