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Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panels


Infrared Heat as opposed to popular convective heating systems, is a cost effective way to heat your residence or commercial space. Infrared Radiant Heat, warms the people and objects in the room directly instead of blowing heated air around. Functioning like natural sunshine, as the floor and furniture heat up, they consequently warm the surrounding air. Conversely, a forced air system blows hot air along with air borne dust, germs, and pollen throughout the house. By removing air currents with radiant heat you cut out these allergens, reduce noise, and create a more comfortable, healthy environment for the occupants.

Infrared Radiant heat sources are available both in wall and ceiling applications. However, they work most effectively from the ceiling. Just like a ceiling mounted light fixture lights a larger area of a room than a wall sconce would, infrared radiant heat is more effective from the ceiling.

Radiant Ceiling Panel systems are also low cost and highly efficient. With a forced air system heat loss occurs through ducts, doors, windows, and ceilings as blown air seeps through air gaps. Additionally blown hot air rises, producing an uneven heating environment and no option for zone heating. Radiant heat uses less energy because it converts 100% of the electricity into usable energy to heat occupants directly and more comfortably at a lower air temp.