WA State Initiative for Clean Energy + Green Jobs

WA State Initiative for Clean Energy + Green Jobs

Washington State has a chance to put a groundbreaking environmental initiative on the ballot this year! Initiative 1631 will put a price on pollution and invest in clean energy like wind and solar, as well as healthier forests, and clean air and water across the state, creating thousands of local Washington jobs.


Mighty Energy would like to encourage you to learn more and support this diverse coalition of businesses, nonprofits, and communities fighting for a healthier future for all of us. Read more or sign up to volunteer here.


Infrared Radiant Heat on the 2018 NW Green Home Tour

Infrared Radiant Heat on the 2018 NW Green Home Tour

We are excited to announce that FOUR projects featuring infrared radiant heat will be on display during the NW Green Home Tour this year! This opportunity to see the latest and greatest green building projects in the northwest is not to be missed! Join us on April 28-29, 2018!

April 28 – 29, 2018 | 11am – 5pm


 Garden Cottage with Norwegian Roots

7535 25th Ave NW | Open Sunday Only

Designed by Red Cottage Studios, the Cottage in the Garden is “koselig”; warm and welcoming as an expression of the owner’s Norwegian roots and features infrared heat supplied by Mighty Energy Solutions. Less than 500 square feet, the cottage includes a separate pottery studio which can be converted to a future bedroom. A conventional heating source would have been too big for this cottage, but the radiant ceiling panels heat only the occupants, at a fraction of the cost of a heat pump or boiler. More info here.

Ballard Industrial Makeover & Addition

653 NW 52nd St | Open Sunday Only

ming | architecture and design and Pathway Design & Construction teamed up to give the owners of this duplex a seamless approach for finding creative solutions. The family of 5 had outgrown their 1200 sq ft unit, yet codes limited what they could add. The original 1970’s radiant heating system was replaced with cozy and efficient infrared radiant ceiling panels and cove heaters. Long-lasting and cost effective, these heaters help maintain superior indoor air quality in the home by eliminating the need for ducting or fans that circulate allergens. Read more here.



Molly’s Pocket Mansion

2608 46th Ave SW |Open Saturday Only

By S.A.G.E. Designs NW, Molly’s Pocket Mansion is a wonderful DADU in West Seattle. At just under 800sf it is a great layout for one person or for a couple. This project prioritized aging in place accessibility and natural light. It is heated with a ductless heat pump and infrared radiant ceiling panels. More info here.


architectural drawing DADU

DADU With A View in Ravenna

6510 19th Ave NE | Open Sunday Only

Designed by Living Shelter Architects and built by Mighty House Construction, this project includes super energy-efficient building solutions with an emphasis on healthy finishes for superb indoor air quality. Infrared Radiant Ceiling panels provide a simple and efficient heating solution for the entire space. Read more here.

NW Green Building Slam + Summit: Nov 3-4th!

NW Green Building Slam + Summit: Nov 3-4th!

Mighty Energy is excited to sponsor the annual NW Green Building Slam + Summit put on by the NW EcoBuilding Guild! Both of these events are an incredible opportunity to get inspired, get educated, and network with the best in green building. At the Green Building Slam on Friday you’ll witness presentations on 10 innovative, sustainable, high-performance “green” buildings that push the envelope in our built environment. These projects range from residential to multi-family to mixed use developments in the Pacific Northwest. Saturday’s Green Building Summit is an opportunity to step outside your daily routine, get inspired, and connect with likeminded professionals. There’s always a fantastic keynote, lot’s of great vendors/sponsors and delicious food.


We will have a sponsorship table during both events, which is also a great opportunity to get up close and personal with our infrared radiant heaters. We will have all of our demo models with us and look forward to answering your burning questions! Plus, our sister company, Mighty House Construction, will be presenting at the Slam. See you there!

northwest ecobuilding guild logo


November 3-4, 2017
University of Washington – Kane Hall
Going Foamless: New Innovations in Insulation

Going Foamless: New Innovations in Insulation

Insulation doesn’t always mean foam! Mighty Energy is proud to sponsor many of the NW EcoBuilding Guild’s Education Sessions and this month the topic is innovation in insulation practices and going foamless. As always, this will be a great opportunity to network and learn more in the green building world. We hope to see you there!

As we better understand moisture in buildings, alternatives to foam become more appealing for a number of reasons. Perfect installations, the right insulation products and great building practices can contribute to longevity and durability in buildings. Come learn about alternatives to foam insulation and when they are appropriate.

Our Speakers:

  • Rick Blumenthal entered the construction industry as a carpenter in 1971 while he was earning his degree in Environmental Conservation and Environmental planning. From 1980 to 2010 he had his own company constructing high performance homes. Rick has certifications in Energy Star, HERS, BPI and Built Green. Rick owns and operates Construction Resources and Solutions, a consulting firm focused on building diagnostics, performance and sustainable construction. Rick is currently the Training and Certification Manager providing instruction and education on building enclosures, insulation applications and building performance.
  • Lucas Johnson has a passion for sharing knowledge about building science, project management and client services. Lucas has a masters degree in Environmental Science and Management and a background in construction. As a certified Passive House trainer her shares he shares building science principles with his customers and community. Lucas is the Western Regional Manager of 475 Building Supply.
  • Travis Weeks is the General Manager of Performance Insulation and Energy Services, a full service insulation contractor focused on high performance best practice insulation and air sealing techniques with cost affordable solutions for all budgets in retro – fit and new construction applications. He has over 18 years of construction background from foundations through finish work that has given him the education and experience to work through any project scenarios.


Wednesday September 27, 2017 | 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Phinney Neighborhood Center Lower Building | 6615 Dayton Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103

Register here.

Energy Department Funds Research that Could Save You Energy and Money!

With funding from the Energy Department, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is working to develop innovative insulating window film that preserves views while increasing occupants’ comfort and saving energy according to an article on Energy Department’s website.

This research effort creates a millimeter thick insulation film that results in clear insulation with values equivalent to R-20, which is equal to standard wall insulations. The new technology will boost the energy efficiency of current window retrofit technologies by as much as 80 percent  and building and homeowners will not need to replace their windows to take advantage of the technology!

Considering the billions of square feet of installed windows in the U.S., the NREL research provides a ripe opportunity for saving energy, reducing costs and cutting carbon pollution. The result: This window film could reduce building energy use by as much as 33 percent, creating a simple payback for window retrofits of less than one year.

Read More on the Energy Department’s website.

If window replacement is not on the docket, check out Indow windows for a spectacular, easy-to-install storm window option.

We BUY Local….But How Do We INVEST Locally?

That is the question Seattle Good Business Network is asking these days in the Community Capital: Seattle series designed to educate, connect, and spark dialogue around the emerging field of community capital.

Featuring successful, tested models from here and around the country, the series of breakfast meetings and happy hour panel discussions focuses on a different business or investment model each month. The conversations will explore how each model can be used for Seattle residents to begin to invest locally, how local businesses can take advantage of these funds, and what new projects might be started as a result.

Sound interesting? Reserve your spot for the next gathering here and pass word to your financial advisor to get him or her thinking outside the box too!