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Appliance Energy Cost Calculator

Choosing efficient products is a great way to reduce your energy consumption, but it’s also important to be aware of your usage and how that contributes to your utility bill. Have you ever wondered how much watching TV actually costs you? How about powering your aquarium? Check out this tool from the Department of Energy […]

What do Spring Cleaning and heat have in common?

When the heat source is an infrared radiant ceiling panel the answer is: Healthy Living! Reducing clutter, airing out rooms, and cleaning those hard to reach areas removes dust, dust collectors, and potential mold growth opportunities. Here’s how infrared radiant ceiling panels do the same thing: Since they are on the ceiling, our panels are […]

Investing in Alternative Energy

Renewable energy investments directly benefit you and all of us! Check out these opportunities to start making a change: Join City Light’s Green Up! Program City Light customers can support renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest from geothermal, dairy biogas and wind by adding $3, $6, or $12 to their bill each month. Call (206) […]

NW Green Home Tour: April 30

Mighty Energy Solutions will be featured on a site on the NW EcoBuilding Guild’s Green Home Tour and it’s just around the corner! This Detached Auxiliary Dwelling Unit (DADU) was the first of its kind in Seattle and was built out of an old shipping container. It currently functions as a commercial kitchen for the […]

Tiny House Heating Solutions

Tiny houses are a great way to live with a smaller carbon footprint. In Seattle, they have also become a practical response to our city’s housing crisis. The Low Income Housing Institute has constructed Tiny House Villages all over the city. Our experience is that people looking to live in a small footprint are inherently […]

Phinney Home Design + Remodel Fair

Infrared Ceiling Panels are the perfect fit towards smaller living for a larger life – Phinney Home Design and Remodel Fair’s theme this year. Come see our demo unit on display on Sun, Jan 31, 11am-4pm.   Laura will be presenting “Heating for a Small Footprint” at 1:30pm. Playing off this year’s theme – Smaller Living, Larger Life. […]

Pipe Dreams Become Portland’s Energy Reality

Lucid Energy, a Portland based start-up has set out to tap the energy in Portland’s drinking water. They have created a system built in to city water pipes that functions as hydropower plants do but without the environmental pitfalls like disrupting wildlife and emitting greenhouse gases. Their system relies on the already flowing water in […]

Zone Controlled Heating

Having zone controlled heat is one of the most energy efficient and affective ways to save money on your heating bill without sacrificing comfort in your home. Many forced air systems claim to have zone control capabilities but in reality the furnace has to work even harder to heat other rooms when the registers or […]

Mighty Energy to Host a Site on the 2015 NW Green Home Tour


Mighty Energy is proud to announce that we are co-hosting a site on the NW Green Home Tour! The Westside Remodel + Heat Conversion (April 25, 11-5, 3443 49th Ave SW, Seattle) is a simple and sweet, 2-story, energy efficient addition designed by Young Architecture to give this family a little breathing room. Mighty Energy […]

Ducoterra SolaRay Panels Now CE Certified


On March 31, 2015 SolaRay panels became officially CE certified, paving the path for sales + installations in countries across Europe. We are so happy that our European friends now have access to this cozy stellar line of yummy and efficient heating system! Congratulations to Ducoterra as their company continues to grow and become a […]